"Wasn't It You" by 3's A Crowd


1960s folkpop from the Yorkville scene

3's A Crowd first formed in Vancouver, but moved to Toronto to be part of the Yorkville folk scene in the mid-1960s, playing regular gigs at the famous Riverboat Coffeehouse. Their radio-friendly folk-pop sound is frequently compared to The Mamas & The Papas — and that's not a coincidence. Papa Denny was another familiar face in the Yorkville scene and when 3's A Crowd headed to California to record their first full-length album, Christopher's Movie Matinee, it was co-produced by Mama Cass.

A few of the songs on the record were written by Bruce Cockburn, another Yorkvillian, and he would join a later version of the group. Meanwhile, the band's bass player, Ken Koblum, had played in one of Neil Young's first Toronto bands — The Squires — and even traveled with him when he moved to California, briefly playing bass for Buffalo Springfield.


You can buy Christopher's Movie Matinee on vinyl here

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