"Take It Slow" by Jack London & The Sparrows

Jack London & The Sparrows at Chez Monique, 1966

LISTEN: "Take It Slow" by Jack London & The Sparrows

1960s rock 'n' roll from the Yorkville scene

You probably know Jack London & the Sparrows as the band they would later become: Steppenwolf. But before they moved to California and became famous for songs like "Born To Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride", they were a British Invasion-style group playing as part of the rock scene in Yorkville in the 1960s — first as Jack London & The Sparrows and then later just as The Sparrows. They were best known for playing a residency at Chez Monique (a club on Yorkville Avenue near Bellair) and for regular gigs at El Patio (down the street, closer to Avenue Road).

"Take It Slow" is a track off their self-titled record released in 1965.


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Photo via York University's Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections here.

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  1. The title for the picture is wrong, that is John Kay with the Sparrows not Jack London.