"Angels With Dirty Faces" by John Paul Young


1980s New Wave pop

John Paul Young was best known as the keyboardist and vocalist for a 1970s Toronto punk band called The Cardboard Brains. But by 1980, he was looking to explore some weirder, more experimental sounds — something vaguely in the vein of Brian Eno. That's when he released his first solo record, The Life of Ermie Scub, a wonderfully bizarre futuristic concept album full of synthesizers, looped drum beats and vocals that land somewhere between David Byrne and a Halloween monster. Songs titles like "Surrender To The Void", "The Monster In Ed" and "Boy In The Gutter With The Broken Mind" hint at some of the strange shit going down on this record. And while it's far from normal, "Angels With Dirty Faces" is easily one of the most radio-friendly tracks on the album.


You can buy The Life of Ermie Scub on vinyl here.

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